• These xenbros Terms of Service are a legal agreement between you (“you,” “your”). By using xenbros service, and related materials made available to you, you agree to be bound by these Terms and any documentation and guidelines accompanying the xenbros.

1. Your access to and use of xenbros Tools and Content

    1. You may use the xenbros to access information created or retained in your account and use PayPal payment processing services in connection with the applications, websites, products or services you operate and offer that interact with Your Service. Any payment processing enabled by you via a PayPal API requires to aspect these term of service
    2. Xenbros may update the TOS at any time and may discontinue support for previous versions of the service. will make reasonable efforts to notify you when a version of the Developer Tools will no longer be supported.
  • All purchases at xenbros .com are Guaranteed”. Please read the guidelines governing the refund policy.
    1. We do not issue a refund in any circumstances. before purchase read it carefully. no refund will be provided after purchase.
    2. If our system found the leaking of our addon and using it without activation then we have full right to ban you and no refund will be provided.
    3. We will not provide any support on Localhost. if you want any support you must have a live domain. and if you can’t provide that live domain and ask for a refund for that reason then we don’t provide a refund.